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This document is extremely important to understand the role of the NSA classified as PSF,( Private Security Forces), in phase of transition.

The principles are originated by the political wish of the USA and the UK.


ICoC Steering Committee

Paragraph 11 of the ICoC calls for the creation of a Steering Committee which is responsible for developing and documenting the initial arrangements for the independent governance and oversight mechanism, including by-laws or a charter which will outline mandate and governing policies for the mechanism.

After the 9 November 2011 Signatory Conference, members from the three stakeholder communities chose representatives for the Steering Committee. The Committee consists of three Participants and one possible Auxiliary Member from each of three stakeholder groups: governments, companies, and civil society organizations. Decision-making is to be made through consensus, with voting possible in those rare cases where consensus cannot be reached. If a vote is required, then at least one member from each stakeholder community must vote in favour for the vote to pass.
The representatives on the Steering Committee are:


Mark DeWitt, Triple Canopy
Andrew Nicholson, Drum Cussac
Brent Wegner, GardaWorld
Sylvia White, GardaWorld

Civil Society:

Chris Albin-Lackey, Human Rights Watch
Nils Melzer, Center for Business and Human Rights University of Zurich
Meg Roggensack, Human Rights First


Josh Dorosin, US Department of State
David Dutton, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
Ian Proud, UK Foreign Commonwealth Office

Convener / Facilitator:

Swiss Government

For more information on ICoC Steering Committee responsibilities and procedures, please consult the Steering Committee Rules of Procedure
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