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Why is this topic important?
• What are we talking about?
• Case illustrations
• Organizing framework for understanding collaborative governance
• Lessons for designing collaborative governance systems
o Particular lessons for nonprofit leaders
Why are these questions important? “Governance” has become a central issue in the 21st century. For nonprofit and for-profit organizations, governance systems (or the lack thereof) have come under attack from lawmakers, the press, and the public, especially for their lack of adequate accountability mechanisms (see for example, Cornforth 2004; Ostrower and Stone 2006). At the same time, a great deal of work is now done, not by single organizations, but through collaborations of organizations, especially around solve complex public problems
(Huxham and Vangen 2005; Kettl 2002; Moore and Hartley 2008; Salamon 2002). Let me ask how many of you are currently or have been involved in the last two years in a collaboration or…


to download http://aysps.gsu.edu/images/Challenges_of_Governing_Partnerships_AY_Talk_022012.pdf

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