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Jerusalem is accusing Iran for what  happened yesterday in Burgas and we consider it as something plausible.

At the same time we consider also a second plausible scenario that involves other players ,maybe linked to Iran and its proxy. This scenario involves the transnational organized crime ,(TOC). An NSA that controls around 28% of the world GDP.

Bulgaria and specially this region are an hot spot for :

I ) Prostitution : from here to Egypt to reach the Middle East and North Africa but also to the Balkan and then to the EU.

II) Traffic of babies for adoption : from here to Israel as well as to the EU and the USA

III) Drugs : heroine from Central Asia to the Balkan and form here to the EU and to the USA . But also from Bulgaria to Middle East

IV) Weapons : Varna is the biggest harbor for illegal export of weapons in Europe after Rotterdam. Weapons  flow from Kosovo where the local  mafia can buy  them form the Serbian Mafia,(a proxy of the Russian organized crime),using  heroin and methamphetamine from Central Asia, S.E. Asia and Turkey. Weapons made in Italy,Russia,Germany,Czech Republic,Spain, Norway,France.

V) Money laundering : not only in Bulgaria but it reaches also the whole Black Sea region as well as the EU,( also thanks to  passport legally supplied by Macedonia to Israeli,Russian and Bulgarian citizens),and the USA. The “hot gates” to the EU are in Germany,(Bayern),Italy,(Romagna- Republic of San Marino),Austria,(Vienna) and Bulgaria.

A lot of interests with geopolitical implications in a land  that is described as a mafia state,( Naim 2012), and with non state actors like the Russian and Israeli mafias as well as the Turkish and these of Balkans, Italy and Germany.And logically we do not forget the Iranian mafia with its deep links inside the  establishment in Tehran and its “international gate” in Dubai.

It is important to to focus our attention on the fact that the Israeli,Italian,German,Russian,Turkish organized crimes are among the  stronger in the world, (UN 2008), and we consider them as part of the”G8“, (along with the Chinese, American, Japanese organized crime),of the world crime.

And they fight to control these traffics and the region.

We have also not to forget that since years a deadly  war is going on inside the  two traditional Israeli criminal groups and the new Russian families that arrived in the country with the massive immigration at the end of the XX.

It is  understandable that it is easier to blame terrorists instead of the transnational organized crime but we consider that some kind of relations among the two exists .

The “hand” can be  that of a terrorist but the “mind” could be also that of a mafioso in team with that of a terrorist.


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