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The fundamental difference between corporate business marketing and political
marketing lies in the handling of the messaging, with the media taking an active role, rather than distributing the messages in a neutral manner. The media rarely takes a stance on a corporate product, yet the media personalities can all be found freely providing passionate criticism on all the political candidates’ past and current actions. The public is thus largely influenced by the bias of the media, rather than drawing their own opinions and inferences from the facts and history of the politicians. Savigny argues: “First, that the media are political actors in their own right and that management-based marketing models in politics need to account for this; and second, that the media may play a corrective function to the democratic deficiencies that these models logically entail.” (Savigny, 2010, p. 1050)

The current models for political marketing are seriously flawed by the omission of
the active role of the American media, and its influence upon the voting public. By
combining the Three-Stage Model with an appreciation for the role of the media in
political marketing, the electoral candidates could form a solid marketing plan, providing a strong formula for electoral success.
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